As a freelance writer and photographer I have published over 250 articles, reviews, and profiles. While the vast majority of these have been for print publications, my work is regularly published or reprinted online as well.

Below you'll find a mostly up to date list of the various outlets where my writing and photography have appeared.

AAA Alabama Journey
AAA Hawaii Journey
AAA Home & Away
AAA Southern Traveler
AAA Texas Journey
AAA World
Airline Passenger Experience
Chile Pepper Magazine
Continental (Continental Airlines)
Go (AirTran Airways)
Music For The Love Of It
NWA World Traveler (Northwest Airlines)

Airline Passenger Experience - Editor's Blog
All About Mardi Gras (Editor & Publisher)
Boots n' All
Home & Away Magazine Online
Hotel Chatter
Suite 101





Bloomington Herald Times
Cincinnati Enquirer
Irish Times







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