In January of 2010 I launched All About Mardi Gras (AAMG), a full-service website dedicated to providing travel and cultural information about eight U.S. cities that have a longstanding and robust Mardi Gras tradition.

My reasons for starting this site have nothing to do with promoting my party animal ways, or giving direction to frat boys in search of late winter fun. Instead, my inspiration can be traced to a 2009 trip that I took to the Gulf Coast during Mardi Gras season. I found myself drawn to the community spirit and social importance of the event in smaller communities like Houma and Lake Charles, Louisiana.

My goal with this site is to provide a generous mix of Mardi Gras specific cultural and logistical information, and year-round travel suggestions for dining, daytime attractions, and family friendly activities.

Today, AAMG is the only website to cover Mardi Gras nationwide. Before the 2011 Carnival/Mardi Gras season begins in January, the site will have a Mardi Gras Travel Center that will allow readers to make their air, lodging, and ground transportation arrangements through a variety of consolidators directly accessible on the AAMG site.

Other short-term projects include an enhanced party planning section that will include links to seafood and Cajun/Creole food purveyors, a music and dance section with lessons on doing the Zydeco Two-Step, and a discussion of the differences between Cajun & Creole music.

Within three years I hope that AAMG will be the Internet's premiere portal for information about Mardi Gras in the United States.


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