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Glenn D. Kaufmann - author photo Glenn D. Kaufmann - author photo Glenn D. Kaufmann - author photo

I've always been something of a restless soul. Curious. Ready to take on the next thing. I think that's why travel has always been such a part of my life, and why I think that travel can be a powerful educator, equalizer, and a tool for healing and reconciliation.

It's kind of difficult for people to say, "Why don't you stop by my shop, drink tea, and talk rugs with me for three hours, and next week we'll have a war."

I believe words have power, weight, and integrity. I believe that having a facility with words carries with it a responsibility as well. As with any superhero's powers (unique gifts) I have a responsibility to use words fairly, kindly, and truthfully. I try to live by Miguel Ruiz's Four Agreements, the first of which is "Be Impeccable with Your Word". I'm not perfect at it, but that is my goal as a writer.

Personally, I'm an avid small boat sailor, beekeeper, and garlic farmer. My life is a mixed bag to be sure, but life is more interesting that way.



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