While I don't consider myself a "programmer" per se, I long ago learned enough Dreamweaver to be dangerous, and to cobble together my own websites.

That said, in the last year I've taken things a step further. In January of 2010 I launched All About Mardi Gras, a full-service website dedicated to providing travel and cultural information about eight U.S. cities that have a longstanding and robust tradition of celebrating Mardi Gras.

And, as a former film professional and current screenwriter, I tend to think visually. For this reason, photography plays an important role in the content that I publish.

As a writer/publisher it's important to me to strike a balance between the feature Mardi Gras information, useful year-round content, and the interesting cultural tidbits that make stories "pop".

As a web publisher I'm driven to create pages that draw in readers and take advantage of the Internet's resources to allow readers to play, interact, and have fun experiencing the content that I provide.

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